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List of all plants from Plant vs Undead – Get all the details

The huge world within the game Plant vs Undead have a great variety of characters and plants, each one of them focuses on a determining characteristic, this particularity makes them unique and different, it all depends on their typology. Taking into account all the details that are related to these plants is what will allow […]

Is it really profitable to play Plant vs Undead? – How are the profits generated?

In today’s world, looking for games that are profitable and offer a series of winnings to players is on the rise. And this quest will surely lead them to Plant vs Undead . This game is booming these last days, with its game modes and the ease of investment makes it possible to generate profitable […]

How to be a gardener in Plants vs Undead – Guide to play and generate rewards

Plants vs Undead is one of the NFT games that is gaining more popularity in recent days, this game is characterized by providing its players with attractive earnings in their PVU token for performing different activities within the game. Lately, the game has gone through some changes and we are about to start farming 2.5 […]

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