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Unicode directory path not supported error in CS: GO how to fix

The Valve development team decided to surpass the previously created Counter-Strike game and released a new product – Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Like the previous versions, it was developed for a multiplayer game. The engine of the previously created CS Source was taken as a basis. With the release of the new shooter, the success exceeded all expectations. Today […]

NVIDIA Web Helper.exe – System Error

For NVIDIA graphics cards, the GeForce Experience driver is intended. After installing it, several processes are displayed in the task manager. All of them ensure the correct operation of the graphics device. If one of them fails, you will see a system error message. Let’s deal with one such case when NVIDIA Web Helper.exe displays a system error. What […]

Nvidia GeForce Experience error code: 0x0001, 0x0003 – how to fix it?

Owners of Nvidia video cards often encounter problems with the operation of an additional utility – GeForce Experience. Her work often stops for no apparent reason. This happens in Nvidia GeForce Experience error codes 0x0001, 0x0003 appear. How to fix them – read on. What is Nvidia GeForce Experience? The Nvidia GeForce Experience is not an essential video […]

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