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Valheim: Cheats

save – Save the worldffsmooth – Free flightevent [name] – Start eventstopevent – Stop the current eventlocation – Spawn locationresetmap – Reset map explorationfreefly – Photo moderaiseskill [skill] [amount] – Increase skill levelkillall – kill nearby enemiesresetcharacter – Reset character dataremovedrops – Remove all dropped items in the arearesetwind – Reset windplayers [nr] – Difficulty […]

Cheat codes (console commands) for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A complete list of cheat codes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: weapons, knives, grenades, scope, money and more. All codes are entered through the console and are available only on your own server. To use cheat codes in CS: GO you need: Open the console with the tilde key “~” Register the command sv_cheats 1 Press […]

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