50 best PC games of all time

50 best PC games of all time

A selection of the best PC games of all time. Top representatives of their genre and one of a kind games. Timeless classics and modern masterpieces. Expensive blockbusters with photorealistic pictures and indie diamonds.

50 best PC games of all time

Heroes 3

Year: 1999 | Genre: turn-based strategy, fantasy

Heroes III is a game of all time. At the beginning of the 2000s, it seems that everyone who had a PC played it. And those who did not have, went to visit friends and sat up late into the evening, going through the scripts on Hotseat. Since then, there have been several new parts and many more turn-based strategies. But it is Heroes of Might and Magic III with its charming fantasy world, many factions with unique units, spells and locks and the soundtrack that has settled in the head forever and remains the most “folk” game of the century.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Year: 2019 | Genre: Adventure, Open World, Western

Rockstar has gone to great lengths to make Red Dead Redemption 2 a classic upon release. Perfect graphics that paint striking landscapes Wild West and burn video cards. An open world where hundreds of animal species live and every nook and cranny is etched into your memory. He lives his own life and generates a lot of situations, which you will then enthusiastically tell your friends about. Handcrafted side quests with great attention to detail. And most importantly, an epic story that rivals the films of Sergio Leone. Despite being relatively new, this is by far one of the best games of all time.

50 best PC games of all time

Diablo 2

Year: 2000 | Genre: RPG, action

Diablo 2 has greatly influenced the way RPGs look today. Blizzard has created a simple and accessible Action-RPG aimed at a wide range of players. Minimum text, maximum juicy action. The dark fantasy setting worked great thanks to the atmospheric soundtrack and talented world design. The player was not allowed to get bored for a second, overwhelming him with crowds of monsters, liters of blood, mountains of loot and skills. A large selection of heroes, multiplayer and a successful expansion brought insane replayability to Diablo II. It is definitely a masterpiece for all time.

Warcraft 3

Year: 2002 | Genre: RTS, fantasy

It is generally accepted that the plot plays the last role in strategies. However, the fantasy world of Azeroth is so loved by players that Warcraft has evolved from an series RTS to a franchise with the most popular MMO in history, books, films and a huge fandom. Warcraft 3 is one of the most successful strategy games of all time. For this, let’s say thanks to the successful transition of the series to 3D, dynamic gameplay and units with special skills – heroes. They became the basis for DOTA – the progenitor of all MOBA games.

50 best PC games of all time

Need for Speed Underground

Year: 2003 | Genre: racing, arcade

Need for Speed ​​fans are still debating which part is better: Most Wanted or Underground. We opted for the neon lights of the city at night, the Nissan Skyline and Eron-don-don. In 2003, Underground rebooted a fading arcade racing series. After that, millions of players fell in love with street racing. Tuning has become an integral part of any racing game. And the bar for the quality of soundtracks has risen so high that it is now somehow even embarrassing to release a racing simulator without the most popular musicians in the world. For oldfags, Underground has always been and remains one of the best games of all time.

The Witcher 3

Year: 2015 | Genre: RPG, open world, fantasy

The first Witchers were excellent RPGs with a well-chosen Slavic fantasy setting. But with the growing popularity of open worlds, Polish games lacked scale. CD Project RED plucked up their spirits and announced a giant RPG. The Witcher 3, with its stunning visuals, countless types of monsters, atmospheric cities and colorful motherfuckers, blew up the industry. Because every side quest is remembered here, and every corner of the world is made with love and perfectionism. The Witcher is deservedly one of the best games of all time.

Mafia 2

Year: 2010 | Genre: Action, Open World, Crime

One can only guess what Mafia II would have become if the developers had not cut out the lion’s share of the content from the final version. But even in this form, a gangster action movie about a guy who returned from the war looks like an expensive movie. The picture and atmosphere of the 40s are still impressive. Frosty Empire Bay greets us on the fly with jazz, retro cars, steam haze and locations in which every facade and interior is worked out to the smallest detail. And even if the story ended too abruptly, the characters are etched into memory for a long time.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Year: 2007 | Genre: post-apocalyptic, open world, shooter, survival

Shadow of Chernobyl is more than just a game. The main hit among the CIS countries, for the sake of which gamers put their last money on new PCs. The romance of the exclusion zone riveted from the first seconds and made you listen to songs and anecdotes of stalkers around the fire for hours, and also memorize every swearing remark of the bandits by heart. After that, two successful sequels and hundreds of hack and not so books based on motives came out. And pirates and modders still rivet their “assemblies” of the Stalker. But it was the first part that laid the foundations for a super popular, and most importantly – such a native universe.

Half-Life 2

Year: 2004 | Genre: shooter, action

Half-Life 2 is one of the best first person shooter games. In Valve’s masterpiece, everything is done flawlessly. Memorable design of locations with an anti-utopian City 17 and an abandoned, eerie Ravenholm. Headcrabs and the ill-fated helicopter boss. Experiments with environment physics and the great gravity gun. No one after Valve has made an expensive blockbuster so breakthrough and original. We are still waiting for the continuation of the story of the silent Gordon Freeman and his partner Alix, even after the great addition episodes. On its way to being named “Best PC Game of All Time,” Half-Life 2 has won over 50 awards.

Portal 2

Year: 2011 | Genre: platformer, puzzle

The first Portal was a very, very original game. A first-person puzzle game built entirely on physics and movement in portals with flamboyant characters and a healthy dose of humor. The sequel retained the spirit of the original, but surpassed it in all respects. The GLaDOS computer went completely insane. Repulsion and glide gels have been added to the portal cannon. The duration of the campaign has increased dramatically. In addition, a co-op mode has appeared, which tells the story of the adventure of two funny robots. The implementation of the cooperative in general deserves special praise.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Year: 2011 | Genre: RPG, fantasy, open world

One of the best Action RPG games. Skyrim is the kind of game where it is criminal to follow the main story quest. Many players spent hundreds of hours here but never finished the campaign. The charm of TES V is different. In nordic nature, mountains and northern lights. In many interesting guilds and factions, generously throwing quests and rewards. In ruins and temples full of draugr skeletons. In the towns where the inhabitants live their own lives, in the tavern you will always be poured fresh ale, and in the smithy it is pleasant to forge brand new armor.

Fallout 2

Year: 1998 | Genre: RPG, post-apocalypse

One of the best games of all time offers unlimited freedom in the post-nuclear world. Here you can mow an entire city, including children and story characters. Make an adult movie or make a fortune in a casino. Create an armored kid with a huge blaster and mental retardation, or a smart guy who completes the passage without firing a shot. Madness, black humor, a huge number of pop culture references and a unique design mixed with retro and fiction made Fallout 2 not just a game, but a milestone.

Fallout New Vegas

Year: 2010 | Genre: RPG, post-apocalypse, open world

When the Fallout series went 3D, many fans howled. Yes, the third part was beautiful and large-scale, but for the most part it copied the TES series and became an Action-RPG in the open world. New Vegas is much more respectful of the traditions of the series. Obsidian brought back a non-linear storyline with multiple factions and variability. “Peaceful” skills like science or eloquence began to mean a lot again. There are more interesting quests and bright heroes. And charming Nevada with its deserts and stunning Vegas has become one of the best gaming worlds.

50 best PC games of all time


Year: 1998 | Genre: RTS

StarCraft is one of the best real-time strategy games out there. The factions in RTS have never been so diverse. If the terrans were more or less familiar, then the zerg and protoss became a revolution. The first are a huge swarm of insects that breed in the hive, crush in numbers and know how to flood the enemy with acid. Protoss – and generally strike with psi-weapons and teleport buildings from another dimension. StarCraft quickly became the most popular esports discipline, which only the second part surpassed.

Silent Hill 2

Year: 2001 | Genre: psychological horror

Silent Hill 2 gave the world the Pyramid Head, but most importantly, it showed that horror games can scare not only with screamers, but also with psychological pressure. Here is an extremely adult (especially for that time) and metaphorical story about love, loss and guilt. But the main thing for which Silent Hill 2 fell in love with the majority is the design. Starting from creepy monsters and ending with the city itself. And if the foggy dimension simply caused anxiety and smacked of mystery, then in the otherworldly reality bricks instantly fell from the player.

BioShock Infinite

Year: 2013 | Genre: shooter, action, steampunk

The creators of BioShock Infinite didn’t revolutionize. It’s just a solid shooter in which every mechanic works, and the plot knows how to intrigue. Flying in the clouds, deceptively beautiful, but actually full of mysteries, the city of Columbia is one of the best locations in games of the past decade. A rich arsenal of weapons and skills and a variety of enemies help Bioshock Infinite work perfectly as a shooter. And the companion of the main character, the charming girl Elizabeth, is not only a bright and well-developed character, but also a useful gameplay partner.

50 best PC games of all time

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Year: 2005 | Genre: Action, Crime, Open World

At the very mention of this game, the same theme from the screensaver probably played in your head. It’s amazing how many times we have all passed San Andreas, how many hours we just wandered around the cities, flew over the desert, left the cops and crushed passers-by. Rockstar has created a great open world where there are no memorable locations, and references and easter eggs can be searched for for years. Each mission and character immersed us in the atmosphere of madness and the life of African American gangsters. And fan mods laid the foundation for the super popular GTA Online. GTA: San Andreas is by far one of the best PC games of all time.

Dark Souls 3

Year: 2016 | Genre: Fantasy, RPG

The Souls series is a genre in its own right that has changed the industry. The main merit of these games is that they brought back the fashion for hardcore . Here, no one leads you by the handle and does not allow you to feel like a superhero. A half-rotten world set in a dark fantasy setting tells the story in scraps and leaves more questions than answers. Confusing, gloomy locations are created to get lost in them. The smallest mistake costs life, and bosses destroy the nervous system. In Dark Souls 3, the creators have brought everything to perfection, making the third part the pinnacle of the series.

50 best PC games of all time

Neverwinter Nights

Year: 2002 | Genre: RPG, fantasy

Neverwinter Nights is not BioWare’s most popular “golden age” RPG. But she has a huge advantage – loyalty to the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons. In a cooperative playthrough, a real live presenter could connect to the players. An extensive character editor allowed you to play dozens of different roles. Tactical battles forced the brain to strain, but also provided tremendous freedom of action. And with the help of the script builder, fans have subsequently created thousands of campaigns. Many of them even surpassed the original plot.

Gothic 3

Year: 2006 | Genre: RPG, open world, fantasy, action

Immediately after the release, Gothic 3 was almost a bigger disappointment than Cyberpunk 2077. The reason is the same – the abundance of bugs and poor optimization. But as time went on, numerous patches patched holes in performance. And yet the residue remained – the greatness of Gothic 3 was undeservedly forgotten. But this is exactly the same RPG from Piranha Bytes that everyone was waiting for. With a non-linear storyline and many factions, a fascinating world with a simulation of life, dozens of cities and hundreds of types of weapons and spells.

Assassins Creed: Odyssey

Year: 2018 | Genre: RPG, open world

Assassins Creed: Odyssey can be criticized for a lot. Especially for the grind, the ridiculous role-playing system and the lack of fresh ideas. But we are ready to forgive her everything for how amazing Ancient Greece turned out. Battles with mythical monsters and disputes with ancient sages. Temples, cities and sea travel. Battles on ships and the Peloponnesian war, in which you can personally participate. Every time we think that Ubisoft will not be able to create an even more immersive and beautiful world, and every time they succeed.

Sims 4

Year: 2014 | Genre: life simulator

The Sims 4 has changed little compared to the third part. This is the same simulator of everyday life – bright, cozy and one of a kind. As before, we build houses and tire at work, have children, grow flowers in the garden, and repair toilets. In the last part at the moment, even more professions and hobbies have appeared, as well as opportunities for customizing the hero. And numerous mods and additions, as always, have expanded the possibilities to the limit. The Sims 4 is the prettiest and most detailed of the games, which is why it made it to our list.

Metro 2033 Redux

Year: 2014 | Genre: post-apocalyptic, shooter, action

The most successful blockbuster ever created by developers from the CIS. Gorgeous graphics, colorful scenes from the life of the post-nuclear subway, creepy monsters and railcar travel through abandoned stations – all this was terrifying, but felt so familiar. Metro 2033 finally glorified the talented science fiction writer Dmitry Glukhovsky and spawned two outstanding sequels. And the re-release of Redux with an updated picture, improved AI still looks and plays fresh.

50 best PC games of all time

Deus Ex

Year: 2000 | Genre: cyberpunk, RPG, stealth

Deus Ex is a representative of a small but very important immersive sim genre for the industry. It is distinguished by a huge variability of the passage. Here you can run ahead like Rambo, hack terminals, chat up enemies, and even complete the passage secretly without killing a single enemy, including bosses. Plus, Deus Ex is a cyberpunk classic in video games. A world experiencing a global catastrophe, hackers, implants, conspiracies, mysterious organizations and references to the real world and its problems – here is everything that we love this setting for.

50 best PC games of all time

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Year: 2013 | Genre: RPG, fantasy, isometric

One of the best RPG games and yet another representative of BioWare’s golden era. Baldur’s Gate is still equal, take at least Pillars of Eternity. The reason for the success is the unpredictability of the game. The outcome of any, even the smallest, travel is influenced by a lot of factors: from the set of characters and equipment to the roll of the dice. Yes, this is one of those games that followed the Dungeon & Dragons tabletop canons exactly. That is why there is a rich role-playing system and dozens of ways to complete a quest or complete a dialogue.

50 best PC games of all time

Counter Strike 1.6

Year: 2000 | Genre: shooter, tactics

Counter-Strike 1.6 is, if not the best online shooter game, certainly the most influential. Born into the world as a modest mod for Half-Life, it has become a whole subculture that united millions of gopniks in smoky computer clubs in the 2000s. Shooting mechanics, tactical gameplay and map design have become the benchmark. It is not for nothing that in every game where there is only a level editor, craftsmen copy the immortal Dust II. Finally, CS 1.6. wildly popularized esports. Now matches are gathered in stadiums of many thousands, and e-sportsmen are almost more popular than rock stars.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Year: 2008 | Genre: RTS

Red Alert has always been the craziest offshoot of the Command and Conquer series. These real-time strategies surprised with a frankly parody “cranberry” and delusional story. During World War III, Soviet generals travel in time and kill Einstein, while Japanese kamikazes reach Moscow itself. In the third part of The Red Menace, there are as many as three story campaigns: for the USSR, the Western coalition and Japan. The rest of the game has not changed: we are building bases, recruiting units, pumping technologies and superweapons.

Far Cry 3

Year: 2012 | Genre: shooter, action, open world

At one time, Far Cry 3 made a splash. Escaping from the clutches of the pirates, you found yourself on a huge island open for exploration. Blue ocean and sun, jeeps with machine guns and combat boats, hang gliding and dozens of species of wild animals. Far Cry 3 made you feel like a lonely Rambo, at war with crowds of mercenaries. Each cleanup of the outpost took place according to a unique scenario: you do everything secretly, then you incinerate the enemies with a flamethrower, then you free the tigers from the cage.

Destiny 2

Year: 2019 | Genre: MMORPG, shooter, open world

Huge MMO shooter that fans have been playing for years now and are getting new content on a regular basis. Destiny 2 is set in a sci-fi setting and tells the player a large, well-crafted story of planetary travel and galactic warfare. And then he offers to travel around the big world, together to complete quests and go to raids, as well as fight in PVP arenas. With all this, there are many classes, weapons, enemies, skills, bonuses and modifiers. And also many planets with a unique appearance, biomes and characters.

Dying Light

Year: 2015 | Genre: horror, zombie, parkour

Dying Light is an action horror survival horror game set in a zombie outbreak . Having settled in picturesque Harran, the protagonist joins a group of parkourists who teach him acrobatic skills. And parkour is the most beautiful feature of the game. We haven’t seen such fast paced first-person races since Mirror’s Edge. Another advantage of Dying Light is its craft. From sticks, scotch tape and bottles we make axes and bats, which not only chop and shred, but also electrocute or set fire to carrion.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Year: 2017 | Genre: horror, violence

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard has relaunched the cult zombie horror series. The developers decided to change literally everything. Instead of the epidemic-ridden Raccoon City, there is a mansion of a family of cannibals with scattered skulls, bodies hanging from trees and pieces of human flesh. Instead of old acquaintances – completely new heroes. Even the zombies are gone – instead of them completely new, but no less complex monsters. And most importantly, after the 6th part, which looked more like a shooter, an atmosphere of claustrophobia and hopelessness returned to the series.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered

Year: 2019 | Genre: zombie, horror, action

An exemplary remake that retains all the virtues of the original Raccoon City escape game, but modernizes it. The graphics have been completely redesigned, the controls are responsive, and the camera is not mounted to the ceiling. In addition, you also do not have to wait until the next piece of the location is loaded. Zombies have become formidable opponents – even if they walk slowly, they can withstand several headshots and often rise again. The Tyrant has become even more dangerous – a brute who continuously follows on the heels of Leon or Claire, and even now is able to enter any door. The original second installment was by far one of the best games of all time, and the remake took it to new heights.


Year: 2012 | Genre: stealth, action, steampunk

Dishonored is a game with amazing freedom of action. Each level is a separate sandbox with many paths of passage: from running ahead and colorful fencing to secretly completing tasks without killing. The protagonist of the game, named Corvo, works as the empress’s bodyguard in a country reminiscent of Victorian Britain and witnesses the murder of his mistress. All charges fall on the protagonist. Now he has to clear his name, meet a stranger who will give him a mask and superpowers, and also find himself in the center of the plague epidemic.

Borderlands 2

Year: 2012 | Genre: shooter, action

The Borderlands series has always been famous for its cute hand-drawn style, bright and charismatic characters, branded humor and vigorous action. The planet Pandora turned out to be memorable and crazy. Bounty hunters, minions of interplanetary corporations and cynical robots scour the hot deserts and snow-capped mountains. At every step, the game showered you with new, randomly generated weapons. And the arsenal is really great: from revolvers with electric bullets to disposable guns that explode instead of reloading.

Mortal Kombat 9

Year: 2011 | Genre: fighting

After three original installments, the super successful Mortal Kombat fighting game series has sunk to the bottom. Several sequels and crossovers tried to regain their former greatness, but each time they gave birth to only facepalms of fans. Mortal Kombat 9 changed the situation, and old-school players shed a stingy tear of nostalgia. It is still one of the best fighting games. With an exorbitant level of gore, brutal fatalities and moderately simple gameplay. Even the single player campaign succeeded: delusional, but perfectly staged and dynamic. Well, two sequels only confirmed – the legend is back.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Year: 2017 | Genre: RPG, fantasy, open world

A party RPG set in a fantasy setting that took inspiration from old-school RPGs. There are many races and classes, variable character builds, tons of text, room for roleplaying and an isometric camera. The plot tells about the confrontation between the Holy Order and magicians. Among the latter is the main character, who is sent to prison at the very beginning of the game. He has to get out to freedom. Take part in tactical turn-based battles and enjoy an interactive world where every character can die, and the completion of any quest depends on the skills of the hero.

Dota 2

Year: 2013 | Genre: MOBA

Dota 2 is still the most popular esports discipline, where millions of dollars are up for grabs in tournaments. The source of endless memes and, finally, the owner of the most toxic community. If now everyone is tired of MOBA games for a long time, then at one time Dota 2 was a revelation. From a humble mod for Warcraft, the project has grown into the most successful online game. Dota was loved for its depth of gameplay, a huge number of heroes with unique skills and history, and a competitive spirit. Dota 2 has influenced many games, from Heroes of The Storm to Overwatch.

Tomb Raider

Year: 2013 | Genre: Adventure, Action

A relaunch of the legendary Lara Croft adventure series. Tomb Raider reveals the rise of a Tomb Raider. The heroine is shipwrecked near the mythical island of Yamatai. Here, innocent, fragile Lara will turn into a strong, independent woman. Kills his first mercenary. Learn to survive and, of course, hunt for ancient relics. Tomb Raider tries to be like Uncharted and it succeeds. Starting from scripted scenes, where the ground underfoot is on fire, and temples are crumbling, ending with multi-level battle arenas.


Year: 2017 | Genre: platformer

A 2D mix of shooter and platformer with incredible difficulty. Cuphead is made in the style of Disney animation from the 30s. Bright characters, corporate humor and atmospheric music – all the attributes of classic cartoons are here. The plot tells about a guy with a mug, instead of a head, who played cards and was in debt to the Devil himself. Players will have to go through a series of difficult levels, memorizing every centimeter of the map and memorizing the habits of enemies and bosses. If you want to break your psyche and keyboard – this game is for you.

Detroit: Become Human

Year: 2020 | Genre: adventure, deep story

Quantic Dream is renowned for its interactive films. All the attention in them is paid not to gameplay, but to an intriguing and well-staged story with many heroes, non-linearity and moral dilemmas. Detroit: Become Human is the pinnacle of the studio’s creativity. The plot reveals several stories about Detroit of the near future, where androids serve people as slaves, but suddenly become aware of themselves as individuals. The interactive film features a cool cast of actors, level of facial animation and realistic graphics.


Year: 2011 | Genre: survival, sandbox, crafting

One of the best sandbox games and arguably the most successful spiritual successor to Minecraft . Unlike the cubic progenitor, 2D and pixelated Terraria offers the player a lot more action. In the vast open world, there is a huge amount of hostile flora and fauna. There are no less ways to deal with it: from swords and magic to futuristic rifles. In times of peace, Terraria offers to build and decorate dwellings, explore a variety of biomes and underground worlds.

DOOM Eternal

Year: 2020 | Genre: Action, Shooter, Meat

The most brutal and testosterone-rich game on this list. The reference shooter of the old school dumps tons of various demonic creatures on the player and offers to deal with them in style with the help of juicy “banging” guns, double jumps and bloody finishing moves. Doom Eternal, unlike many modern shooters, does not flirt with stealth and does not force you to sit in shelters. Constant dynamics, non-stop running from enemy to enemy and from first aid kit to first aid kit accompanied by a vigorous metal soundtrack – this is the guarantee of a fun action.

Dead Space 3

Year: 2013 | Genre: Action, Horror, Shooter

The final part of one of the best horror series has moved a little from the oppressive horror towards the action. Instead of claustrophobic labyrinths of spaceships, more open locations have appeared, and Isaac is now going crazy not alone, but together with a partner in a co-op. True, all other advantages of the series remained in place. From creepy xenomorph monsters that beautifully fly to pieces and intense battles with huge bosses to crafting weapons and an exciting storyline.

Forza Horizon 4

Year: 2018 | Genre: arcade, racing

Even the Need For Speed ​​franchise has been removed from the throne of the Forza Horizon series as the king of arcade racing. The fourth part is one of the most beautiful games of recent years and certainly the best representative of its genre . Its protagonist is a brilliantly executed open world, or rather, Great Britain. She does not have time to bother for a second, delighting fans of the series with either snow-covered tracks, or autumn forests, or cozy villages, or harsh off-road conditions. And there is also a huge fleet of vehicles and an interesting multiplayer game with a lot of events.


Year: 2016 | Genre: strategy, tactics, aliens

The tactical game XCOM 2 continues the events of Enemy Unknown. The Earthlings lost the battle against alien invaders , and the powerful organization XCOM turned into a group of scattered guerrilla groups. The rebels will have to unite, rebuild the headquarters on the captured alien ship and fight back the little green men. XCOM 2 gameplay is divided into two parts. The first is the management of the organization and the many strategic decisions that affect the appearance of the global map. The second is sabotage and tactical turn-based battles.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Year: 2007 | Genre: Action, Shooter, War

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the most cinematic action movie of its time. From the theme of the Second World War, the developers abruptly moved to a modern storyline with terrorists, Iraq and the marines. Despite the fact that Russians are featured here, the story does not roll into cranberries, and most importantly – how it is staged! Scripted scenes, explosions, storming of buildings and, like the icing on the cake, brilliant missions in Pripyat allow COD4 to still look more spectacular than many Hollywood films. In addition, the creators have added one of the best multiplayer games in history to Modern Warfare.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Year: 2020 | Genre: Adventure, Open World

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most beautiful games of recent years. A realistic picture, an original universe in which humanity has fallen back to the level of the Stone Age due to a mysterious catastrophe. And most importantly – giant and not very robotic dinosaurs scouring in search of prey. Design and animation, artificial intelligence and unique behaviors make them formidable contenders. The red-haired hunter Aloy has to survive in this world, unravel its secrets and find herself.

Serious Sam 2

Year: 2005 | Genre: Action, Shooter

The Adventures of Serious Sam is a simple, goofy, but damn fun action about a guy fighting an army of aliens alone. This is a hi from a time when a shooter didn’t need drama, an open world with quests and crafting to keep you entertained. Only a large arsenal of alien guns, a couple of greasy jokes and an arena full of various meat for beating. After the triumphant first part, Serious Sam 2 became more colorful and meaty.

The Walking Dead

Year: 2012 | Genre: adventure, zombie

Telltale Games is renowned for its multi-episode interactive films, rendered in a recognizable hand-drawn style. The Walking Dead is their most successful project, a spin-off of the cult zombie apocalypse series. Characters from the TV show are found here, but only in the role of minor characters. The main attention was paid to the stories of the girl Clem and Lee Everett – men with a dark past. By the end, you will make many difficult decisions, become attached to the heroes and shed many tears.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

Year: 2006 | Genre: RPG, action, magic

Action-RPG based on the great turn-based strategy series Heroes of Might & Magic. Even if you haven’t played HoMM, you still don’t miss much: maybe a couple of references. The mage-apprentice will have to find a powerful artifact faster than the army of necromancers. But the main advantage of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is its colorful action. Bursting into a crowd of enemies, the hero arranges a meat grinder with blood and dismemberment, epic kicks into the abyss and using the environment. And in battle, the environment helps: any object here can be thrown, set on fire or electrified.

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